Presenting the OG TIMELESS IT BAG Collection.

Available in the highest quality of humanely farmed Peruvian leather, each bag is hand dyed, stitched and finished to the highest of demanding standards.

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About Our Company

In the never-ending quest for the latest trend, who’s wearing what and how, and will you have to sell your soul to buy it, one can get lost in what’s in and what out.


Inspired by the runways and streets of the world

The OG IT Collection of gender-neutral bags are classic, fresh, high fashion, and forever statement pieces, that also don’t overpower your own individuality.

OG IT Bags work for you as you work it carrying them. Ready to take in your deepest secrets and tasks in, without letting the outside world know what your next move is – going across town to a meeting, or across the globe to the beach – OG IT Bags are ready to go. Classic, Fresh, Fashion, and Forever.